Student Religious Organizations

While Middlebury has never had any official affiliation with any particular religion, it is a place where most of the world's spiritual traditions are represented—often in the form of a lively student organization.


(Re)Framing Faith: How LGBTQ Students of Color and Faith Make Meaning of Their Multiple Identities

Lecture by Chris Woods

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

7:00 p.m., Robert A. Jones Conference Room

"Faith and Reason"

Is the language of religion encouraging moral debate at Middlebury?
Or is it a conversation stopper?  Read the article from the
Winter 2007 Middlebury Magazine.


The Religion Department at Middlebury seeks to acquaint students with the world's major religious traditions, with varieties of global religious experience, and with religious approaches to a broad range of topics and questions. We emphasize the study of individual religious traditions, because we hold that a solid understanding of one is crucial for developing an appreciation for other traditions and for religion as a fundamental human experience. We also maintain, however, that it is important for students to have experience with comparative approaches to the study of religion.