I received an assignment that needs significant work on grammar/language use. How can I help? How can CTLR help as well?

The best way to support multilingual/ESL students with grammar/language concerns is to develop a support model that includes yourself, your peer mentor (if applicable), and other CTLR tutors.

The first step is to talk with the student(s) to learn more about what challenges were faced on the assignment.  Did they understand the assignment (and/or the course readings it references)?  Did they know what they wanted to say?  Did they allocate enough time for completing and reviewing the assignment?

How can I best support multilingual/ESL writers in the writing process?

There are many ways that you can help multilingual/ESL students (indeed, all students!) to grow as writers.



For Faculty, Staff, and Peer Tutors
Supporting Multilingual/ESL Students in the Classroom
Supporting Multilingual/ESL Students in the Classroom (short version)

Longer version of above handout--more writing/grammar focused

Myths about College ESL
Myths about College ESL
 (from Chronicle of Higher Ed)

 ESL Training
Peer Writing Tutors: ESL Training Handout

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Favorite Classroom Games
What Can You Do with a Course Textbook?What Can You Do with a Course Textbook?  

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