Student Organization Registration

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Student organization registration for established student organizations takes place every fall, but NO LATER THAN 5 PM ON THE FIRST SATURDAY OF OCTOBER.

  • REGISTRATION OPENS IN AUGUST, and organization email accounts are notified as to when registration begins.

Organizations must register every year so that Student Activities has current contact information, and so the organization remains eligible for all privileges. Organizations not registered by the deadline will have their benefits and privileges suspended.

*NEW student organizations may register any time between the 2nd week of October through the second week of April. If you wish to register a new student organization, read starting a student organization *

To register, the primary student contact for the organization should follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the link below
  2. Log in to MiddLink using your personal user name and password
  3. Go to your organization's page
  4. Click the"register this org" button (only visible during the designated registration period)
  5. Answer all of the required questions.


Please note: your organization is not considered registered until ALL required parts of the online profile have been completed.

If you have any questions on student organizations in general, please contact Student Activities at

If you have any questions about the Student Government Association aspect of student organizations and their approval, please contact the SGA Constitution Committee Chair at

Office of the Registrar

We maintain the academic records of all students, past and present.

We fill transcript requests and oversee course registration andadd/drop, process transfer credit and AP credit,process major declarationsand final grades, and verify degree completion.

This office verifies student enrollment status for veterans' benefits. For enrollment verification for other purposes, please follow the instructions at 'Enrollment and Degree Verifications' (see list at left).

For information about confidentiality concerning education records, refer to the section in the College Handbook on FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act).