Ezra Axelrod '08, singer and composer

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Ezra Axelrod ’08 is a London-based recording artist and composer originally from La Grande, Oregon. In November 2008 he recorded his first EP The Enfield Sessions with former Jamie Cullum bassist Jules Jackson. He spent the following winter and spring playing concerts at venues like 93 Feet East and the Cobden Club. In April, 2009, he embarked on a development project with a studio in Soho, and released a single with them at the end of 2009. In July, 2009, Ezra recorded a follow-up to The Enfield Sessions, a three-song suite entitled Patria now available on MySpace. Ezra describes his compositions as “vernacular realist song”: vivid narratives on contemporary themes over raw musical orchestrations.

On January 8, 2011, Ezra launched his "American Motel" International Tour at Mead Chapel at Middlebury College. The tour will consist of four months of performances on three continents, to coincide with the release of his second studio album American Motel.  The tour showcases Axelrod’s skill as an orchestrator, featuring arrangements of his first two albums for piano, voice, and string quintet. The show is an exploration of 21st-century life through realist lyrics, lush harmonies and dynamic moods.  Axelrod calls his style of music “Vernacular Realist Song”: vivid narratives, gritty soulfulness, and the stylings of a cowboy turned classical pianist—what you might expect if Joan Didion, Tom Waits and James Dean formed a band, with guest appearances by Franz Schubert.

Watch some numbers from the January, 2011 show at Middlebury:
Fútbol y mangos


At Middlebury, Ezra studied composition with Peter Hamlin and Su Lian Tan, voice with Carol Christensen, and piano with Diana Fanning.  www.myspace.com/ezraaxelrod


Ezra Axelrod '08

Ezra Axelrod '08

“Lust for Wisdom”

a performance piece by

Ezra Axelrod


April 10, 2010, Middlebury College, Mead Chapel, 8:00pm, free admission.  Ezra Axelrod will perform his “Lust for Wisdom” song-cycle at Middlebury College as part of his 10-date headlining tour from Montreal to New York City.  The performance piece explores themes of love, lust, violence and gay/masculine identity through the artists’ original songs.  The Middlebury concert will feature several surprise guest appearances!


At once villain, hero, and observer, Ezra Axelrod conveys the universal themes of his generation through intimate, realist portraits of individual experience. He calls his musical style Vernacular Realist Song: vivid narratives, gritty soulfulness, and the stylings of a classical pianist. 

Ezra grew up in a small, isolated town in the American West, privy to the stark contrasts, conflicts, and contradictions typical of such places. From an early age, he made sense of his complicated environment through music, engrossed in the works of Bach, Chopin, Albeniz, Ives and even John Cage. He realized that music could be a vehicle for discussing the controversial issues of his community and started penning songs at age 10. He established himself as a gifted songwriter early on, performing for his middle school, high school and at the local university, standing out as a social commentator committed to addressing serious issues in his music. 

Ezra studied voice, composition and piano at Middlebury College, in Vermont, before moving to London in 2008. Upon arrival in the UK, Ezra soon found himself swept up by a career as a songwriter, recording artist and performer. He recorded his first EP, The Enfield Sessions, in November of 2008, a follow-up EP, Patria, in August 2009, and in December, together with London promoter Aubrey Dobson, Ezra launched The Menagerie, Central London's only venue for cutting-edge performance art and music. The enterprise is live music venue, record label, distributor and artist management company, all under one roof.  The “Lust for Wisdom” Tour is a Menagerie production.

CONTACT: Ezra Axelrod ezraaxelrod@gmail.com  Telephone: +44 75 3535 0440