Alumni of the Davis UWC Scholars Program

One goal of the Davis United World College Scholars program is a better world, and alumni are proving daily that their education has empowered them to act as agents of positive change.

Helene Songe

Helene Songe'04

Helene spent the summer of 2010 as a Kathryn Davis Fellow for Peace in the Middlebury Arabic School. With her increased fluency, she is able to better serve Palestinian Iraqi refugees living in Syria, where she currently works for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. Read more...


Yohanne Kidolezi '05

Born in Tanzania, Kido is pursuing an MBA at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. After finishing his degree, he intends to help reform the educational system in his home country. He says he thinks often of the 300 Tanzanian child laborers he once interviewed for a Middlebury research project. Read more...

Hussein thumbnail

Hussein Alramini '09

At Middlebury, Hussein majored in molecular biology and biochemistry. Under the tutelage of Professor Grace Spatafora, he distinguished himself with remarkable senior research. By the time he graduated, he was the first scientist to prove that six genes of the bacteria causing Lyme disease work together through a process called operon regulation. Read more...

Hans Walter Cabra Hernandez ’09

After completing a degree in political science and French at Middlebury, Hans received a master’s degree in government and public policy at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá. Today I am the executive director of Fundación Haciendo Equipo, an organization that works with young people from vulnerable neighborhoods in Medellin. Read more...

Rachel Ochako close

Rachel Ochako '11

“If you want to raise a standard of living, you first need to have a good heart,” Rachel Ochako '11 explains. “But the rest is mostly economics." A 2010 summer at the Monterey Institute on a Davis UWC Scholars Fellowship brought the Middlebury senior closer to a career in international development back in Kenya. Read more...

Naina Qayyum '15

Having lived “in the midst of fear” growing up in Pakistan, Naina Qayyum '15 is determined to work for diversity, creativity, and women’s power to make a difference. Across Pakistan, young women commonly face discrimination and unequal opportunity; but Naina’s experience, growing up mostly in the capital, Islamabad, then attending UWC, has showed her education’s power to open minds. Read more...



Davis UWC Scholar Yohanne "Kido" Kidolezi '05 describes what his life would have been were it not for his UWC and Middlebury education. Photo: Brett Simison.


Yohanne "Kido" Kidolezi '05 and Helene Songe '04 listen to Shelby Davis P'01 before the program begins. Photo: Brett Simison.


Over 250 students, faculty, and staff attended the program to learn more about this scholarship and its impact. Photo: Brett Simison.


Cofounder Shelby Davis P'01 tells the audience about his motivation behind supporting over 2,000 scholars at American colleges and universities. Photo: Brett Simison.


Cofounder Phil Geier P'06 tells Matt Jennings, editor of Middlebury Magazine, how he met cofounder Shelby Davis P'01. Photo: Brett Simison.


Phil Geier P'06, Livia Vastag '07, Shelby Davis P'01, Yohanne "Kido" Kidolezi '05, and Helene Songe '04 pose for group photo. Photo: Brett Simison.