If a machine is not working properly, promptly inform the Helpdesk, at x2200 (or 802-443-2200) or the Walk-in Center in Davis Family Library 202, so queues may be temporarily disabled and the machine may be returned to service quickly.

All college account holders have the ability to print on campus.  The printer you use depends on whether you are a student, faculty, staff, or guest.  This section can help you figure out how and where to print by providing a list of:

Printing to the Wilson Media Lab Plotter

Printing the the plotter is similar to printing to any other machine on campus.  The price is $1.50 per linear foot.

To print directly from the computer:

  • Make sure you are logged in on your personal account or the department account
  • Open the program you'd like to print from
  • Select the print option
  • In the drop-down menu labeled "Printer," select "Library220P Poster Printer"
  • Release the print job.

You cannot web-print to the plotter.