Copyright Issues

Examples of situations requiring a special license or permission from copyright holder:

  • Use of cartoons or logos for flyers or party themes
  • Showing movies at a club or residence hall activity
  • Staging a published play
  • Sharing computer software or music
  • Use of music for events, performances and the distribution and/or sale of video with music.


Booths and Exhibits

 A booth refers to a table or any other temporary structure installed for distributing petitions, handbills, or literature; soliciting tangible items, or for other forms of expression

Becoming a New Student Organization

Student organizations can be started at any time between October and April. An important question to ask yourself as you follow this process is “What does this organization give/do for Middlebury College that no other organization does?

Listed below is an overview of the process you will need to follow:



How To Reserve the Proctor Banner: