Student Accessibility Services

Contact Information:
802-443-5936 (phone)
802-443-7437 (TTY)
802-443-2440 (fax)
Service Building, Room 222


As of the academic year of 2013-2014, approximately 1 in every 12 students at Middlebury has self-identified as having a disability. Find out what Student Accessibility Services can do for you!

If you have a documentable learning disability, or other form of disability, identify yourself! Our office provides confidential services and reasonable accommodations for students who have special needs affecting their learning, vision, hearing, speech, mobility, and physical and psychological health.

Such services can include, for example, the assigning of note takers or readers or scribes, access to scanners, screen-reading software with voice synthesizers or large-print software, interpreting services, Phonic Ear assistive listening systems, extended time on tests, and much more. 

If you think we can help, please make an appointment to learn how to take advantage of all we can offer!

Accessibility Services

The Center for the Arts, Wright Theatre, Mead Chapel, McCullough and Dana Auditorium are all wheelchair accessible.

Accessible Seating

All wheelchair seating locations and their adjacent companion seats will be held exclusively for purchase by wheelchair or scooter users until the last non-wheelchair accessible location/seat is sold. At that time, all wheelchair locations are released for sale on a first-come, first-served basis to both wheelchair and non-wheelchair users.

Accessible Parking

All campus parking lots have wheelchair accessible spaces convenient to performance venues. For certain performances in Wright Theatre and Mead Chapel, normally-closed roadways Chateau Road and Hepburn Road may be opened especially for patrons with accessibility concerns.


All restrooms at the Center for the Arts are handicap-accessible and there is a family bathroom on the third floor accessible by elevator. Handicap-accessible facilities are not available at Mead Chapel nor Dana Auditorium.

Large-Format Programs

For all Performing Arts Series events, both regular and large-print programs are available.

Audio Assistance

Assistive listening devices are available for every Performing Arts Series event. Please indicate your need when ordering tickets.

Relay calls are welcome via the Vermont Relay Service (711).