Political Science defines, describes, explains, and evaluates phenomena such as war and peace, revolution and reform, stability and instability, voting and office holding, and crime and punishment.

Courses by Field 2010-2011

Courses in brackets are not being offered in the
10-11 academic year. For details on courses, see the college catalog.

Introductory Courses: PSCI 0101 Ms. Carmola (Spring), PSCI 0102 Mr. Dry (Spring), PSCI 0103 Ms. Horning, Ms. Teets (Fall), Mr. Bleich, Mr. Mecham (Spring), PSCI 0104 Mr. Johnson (Fall), Mr. Dickinson (Spring), PSCI 0107 Mr. Nelson (Fall), PSCI 0109 Ms. Eglene, Ms. Yuen (Fall), Mr. Morrison (Spring)