Club Sports


Middlebury College offers a wide variety of club sports administered through the Student Activities office. Club sports are an essential part of the overall Middlebury experience, providing a diverse array of competitive and recreational opportunities where no varsity options exist. Club sports will not be approved in areas where a varsity sport exists. Approval for new club sports is contingent upon the availability of appropriate facilities, storage, and staff oversight.  Approval given to a new club sport does not automatically guarantee funding.

Contact: Derek Doucet x3103




Sidewalk chalking is permitted in order to promote the activities and events of registered student groups and organizations formally associated with Middlebury College. Chalking by outside groups is not permitted.

Chalking is permitted on concrete outdoor sidewalks only. Chalking is not permitted on any vertical surfaces, buildings, walls, or on any surfaces that are marble, brick, or tiled. Only water-soluble chalk may be used. For safety reasons, chalkings may not be placed within 5 feet of building entrances. Violations of the location restrictions noted above or the defacing or erasing of approved chalking is cause for offenders to be subject to College disciplinary sanctions. The administration of the college may remove chalkings in any specific area of campus at any time.

Contact: Student Activities- x3103




How To Reserve the Proctor Banner:

  • complete the online room reservation request found at   go/scheduling.
  • Banner location can only be reserved for 2 consecutive days
  • Each organization is responsible for supplying the material & supplies necessary to create banner.  Contact for access to the SGA Arts and Crafts space
  • When spray painting a banner students must place a protective layer between banner and surface in which they are painting on
  • Individual organizations are responsible for  hanging and removing their banner in a timely fashion
  • Only 1 banner can be hung at a time
  • Signing up for the banner location is based on the order in which the requests are submitted.  We will not bump groups to give priority to anyone



Contact: Tammy Grant—x3147