Letter from President Ron Liebowitz

Dear Students,

I am writing, as I do each year, about an opportunity to serve in a leadership role on campus—as a member of the Old Stone Mill (OSM) student board.

The OSM, an historic building along Otter Creek, and the Annex, located at 75 Adirondack View (behind RAJ), have been busy with activity since their doors opened in 2008.  Founded with the mission of promoting creativity and innovation on campus, the OSM provides both the space and guidance students need to pursue independent projects, unrelated to one’s current academic assignments.  From planning a dinner party for strangers, to creating iPad applications to designing bike bags, there are students at work on many interesting and innovative projects on the premises right now.  See a list of current and past projects at the OSM website (http://www.middlebury.edu/studentlife/innovation/OSM/tenants ).

Activities and programs at the Old Stone Mill and Annex are overseen by a student board of seven students together with a small group of advisors. The student board has three openings for students to serve a two-semester term, beginning in February 2012 and ending in January of 2013. I invite you to submit an application to fill one of those three spots.

Members of the advisory board have three key responsibilities: (1) engaging the student body as a whole to help identify and encourage tenant applications; (2) coordinating the use and management of the OSM and OSM Annex to best serve the creative objectives of the tenants; and (3) fostering a student culture that is willing to tackle the challenges of pursuing and supporting innovation on our campus.

Please e-mail a one-page application to Elizabeth Robinson ’84, Director of the Project on Creativity and Innovation in the Liberal Arts, by Thursday, January 26, 2012 at robinson@middlebury.edu.  In the application, provide some background on yourself, including (1) what you would bring to the OSM Student advisory board; (2) why participation on the Board would be a meaningful use of your skills and talents; and (3) what you would hope to learn and accomplish from the experience. You must be on campus for both the spring and the fall semester.

I hope that some of you will find the prospect of contributing to the Old Stone Mill, its student board, and its programs both interesting and worthy of your time and talents.

Let’s will some (a lot of) snow for the remainder of J-term!