Study in Russia (Школа в России)

Middlebury is unique among liberal arts colleges in offering programs at three different universities in Russia. Students can study one semester or a full year in Moscow,  Irkutsk or Yaroslavl (or a combination of two). All instruction is in Russian. Students attend courses specifically designed for Middlebury College and may also take coursework at the host university with Russian students. In addition, our students  may pursue  internships in a variety of fields. Resident Coordinators oversee the daily operation of the programs at the Russian host campuses. Depending on the site, students live in dorms or with host families.


Middlebury's rich combination of resources for Russian study has made ours one of the best-known Russian programs in the world.

Not only is there a Russian Department, which teaches Russian language, literature, and culture, but the Russian & East European Studies track of the International Studies Program offers courses in the history, political science and economics of Russia and Eastern Europe. Most Middlebury students attend one or more of the College's three School in Russia sites for one or two semesters, and many also take advantage of the intensive immersion program of the summer Russian School.