Collections Management

Collection Management purchases books, journals, online databases and journal archives, audio and visual media, printed music, and other items.  Our staff members locate requested material and place orders with vendors, negotiate license agreements for online materials, acquire performance rights and pay licensing fees for film screenings, pay vendors for all materials, track receipt of materials (including verifying access to online material we've paid for) and contact vendors when necessary to troubleshoot problems such as missing journal issues or difficulties gaining access to online ma

Research & Collection Services

The Research & Collection Services (RCS) area of LIS is responsible for acquiring materials that are added to library collections, for making them available through MIDCAT, prepares them for the shelves, maintains and updates the MIDCAT database, and preserves library materials.  RCS is also the home of the reference & instruction librarians, and oversees the LIS liaison program.

Library Liaison FAQs

  • Library Liaisons who are requesting items for faculty should use the Lib Acq Request form when the item is needed for the current term, if the item is a film, or the requestor would like the item Rush.

Where's my stuff?

In MIDCAT search for the title of the item. There will be a text box with information about the order. When Acquisitions places an order the message will say, '1 copy ordered for Middlebury College on ...' with the date.