Collections Management

Collection Management purchases books, journals, online databases and journal archives, audio and visual media, printed music, and other items.  Our staff members locate requested material and place orders with vendors, negotiate license agreements for online materials, acquire performance rights and pay licensing fees for film screenings, pay vendors for all materials, track receipt of materials (including verifying access to online material we've paid for) and contact vendors when necessary to troubleshoot problems such as missing journal issues or difficulties gaining access to online material. Collections Management also maintains our our online catalog (MIDCAT) and our research catalog, Summon

For documentation related to Periodicals and Serials, see our Wiki.


What it is:

A tag is a piece of metadata (e.g., a keyword or term) assigned to a piece of digital information (such as an internet bookmark, image, or computer file).  Tagging is classifying content for other uses later, including "re-finding" it and sharing it.  Tagging is closely related to  social bookmarking.

What you need:

A tagging application.  These are usually free, third-party applications such as Delicious or AddThis.  Other applications have internal tagging functions.  MiddTags is an example in this website.  The photo-sharing site Flickr is another example with internal tagging.  Most blogs also have an internal tagging function.

How you do it:

Simply choose a term (or terms) for the thing you want to describe, and apply it using the internal or third-party application.  These tags will appear in a tag cloud or other search interface for retrieving tagged information.

Tips and suggestions:

  • Use as many tags as you need to classify something.  If you can't decide among several tags, use them all.
  • Most tagging features have a suggest or auto-complete function.  Use it.  This promotes consistency which improves retrieval.
  • Tag immediately.  Otherwise, you'll never be able to find that "great thing" again.