Making appointments with Writing Faculty

<p>To Meet with Writing Program Faculty</p>To Meet With Writing Program Faculty and staff, you'll want to plan ahead when possible and schedule appointments with us via our computer based scheduling system, AccuTrack. The student workers or faculty or staff in the Center for Teaching, Learning and Research (CTLR) can show you how to do this, or you can use the online link at the Writing Center website Scheduling usually happens a few days in advance, but sometimes students find last minute openings. Some students schedule weeks ahead to ensure that they get the help they need on a particular paper.

If we have no openings in AccuTrack that fit your schedule, feel free to email Jennifer Bates( or Mary Ellen Bertolini (, or  Catharine Wright ( (Catharine Wright is available W15 & S15 only), to inquire about alternate times. Sometimes we can create alternate times and/or accommodate last minute requests. You may try one or all of us.

It is very acceptable to meet with two different tutors, at different stages in the writing process, on the same paper (professional then peer, peer then peer, peer then professional).

If we are unable to meet with you on a particular paper due to scheduling/time constraints, we urge you to work with a Peer Writing Tutor during their drop-in hours in the CTLR from 7:30 p.m.- midnight, Sunday-Thursday evenings. Peer Writing Tutors, also, hold drop-in hours in all five Commons. Find the most current the hours and locations here.


Sessions with peer writing tutors  usually run about 30 minutes per student.

Visit or Contact the Writing Center

To meet with Writing Faculty, you'll want to plan ahead when possible and schedule appointments using the computer based scheduling system, go/appt.

During the semester, Peer Writing Tutors are available for drop-in tutoring in CTLR and some evenings in the Commons.

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Questions? Mary Ellen Bertolini, Director Writing Center


Peer Tutoring and Mentoring

Peer Tutors, Peer Writing Tutors, and FYSE Mentors are Middlebury College students who assist Middlebury students in content areas, writing, oral presentation, time management, and study skills.

  • Peer Tutors offer peer-guided Study Groups for many courses, scheduled review sessions, and some one-on-one tutoring sessions. All Middlebury students are welcome to attend.
  • Quantitative Peer Tutors assist students in courses that have moderate to significant mathematics content, including courses in mathematics, science, and social science.
  • Peer Foreign Language Tutors work with students enrolled in foreign language courses.
  • Peer Writing Tutors can help students with every phase of the writing process and are available Sunday-Thursday, 7:30-midnight during the spring and fall semesters (except during school vacations). Peer writing tutors can also help with oral presentation skills.
  • FYSE Mentors are assigned to a FYSE course. They help students with the writing process and can assist students with time management, study skills and oral presentation skills.