The Department of Public Safety is staffed 24/7 and can reach Facilities Services personnel after hours when necessary. Call Public Safety at 443-5911 for emergencies only! Public Safety's number for non-urgent business is 443-5133.


Emergency Calls

Emergency (Outgoing) Calls

In an emergency dial 911 (off- and on-campus responders) or 5911 (on-campus response) from any campus phone.

911 calls connect to a Vermont Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) dispatch center, which may send an ambulance, the fire department, and/or local police. Simultaneously, the campus Department of Public Safety is simultaneously notified of the call and will send an officer to the location.

5911 is the Department of Public Safety's on-campus emergency number.  5133 is the Department of Public Safety’s general line and should be used when there is no imminent threat, as well as for general inquiries.

Take care in dialing.  Dial 911 only in an emergency that requires police, fire, or medical response.  If you mistakenly dial 911 do not hang up, because call number and locations are identified and captured. The appropriate action is to stay on the line and tell the dispatcher that you have misdialed and do not have an emergency.

In the event of a hang-up PSAP dispatchers will attempt to call you back.  Should the call not be answered, a College Public Safety officer will be sent to the location of that phone.  Specific locations of calls placed from any on-campus phone are determined by the College-maintained 911 database.  Information sent to the 911 dispatcher includes the telephone number, the building and room, and the street address of the building of the extension.  The availability of this information can be critical to responding emergency personnel in cases where the calling party is unable to provide their location.


last update:  January 28, 2013

Emergency Notification System

Emergency Notification System

The college subscribes to an emergency broadcast notification system. It allows the college to send out timely information to cell phones (both text and voice), e-mail accounts, and college telephones in a rapid and organized manner. This system can reach you only if we have your contact information.

Provide your Cell Phone Number (OPTIONAL, BUT STRONGLY ENCOURAGED) 
If you provide a cell phone number, it will be stored in the College's Banner database, as well as in the emergency notification system, for use in the event of a pressing need to quickly contact student and staff. It will not appear in the on-line directory unless you specifically request that option. If you own a cell phone, it is in your best interest to provide its phone number for this purpose.

How do I provide my cell phone number?

Logon to BannerWeb, select Personal Information, click on Update Cell Phone for Emergency Communication, enter your number, and save. 

If you need to update this number at a later date, simply change the cell phone number at the same BannerWeb location.


last update:  January 28, 2013


After Hours Care

Medical Emergencies:  Dial 911...  

In the event of a medical emergency, call the Department of Public Safety at x 5911 (802-443-5911) or dial 911 from any phone or cell phone. Remain calm and provide the following information:

  • Type of emergency.
  • Extent of the injuries, if known.
  • Location of the emergency of injured person. Be specific and as clear as possible.
  • Do not move the injured person unless there is a threat of additional injury.  The Department of Public Safety can dispatch support to the location and also activate the 911 emergency system.
  • Do not hang up until the dispatcher advises you to do so.

Mental Health Emergency Crisis:

Non-urgent medical questions after-hours have several options:

  • Call Parton the following day to speak with a nurse.
  • Call the 24-hour nurse advice line associated with your personal medical insurance.
  • Students who enrolled in Middlebury’s Student Health Insurance Plan through Gallagher Koster may utilize a 24/7 Nurse Help Line service that provides clinical assessment, education and general health information. This service is performed by a registered Nurse Counselors to assist in identifying the appropriate level and source(s) of care for Insured Students (based upon symptoms reported and/or health questions asked by or on behalf of the Insured). Nurses will not diagnose an Insured Person's ailments. In order to access the Nurse Help line, you should call 1-800-407-7307.
  • Students with other forms of medical insurance can contact the number provided by their insurance company.

Click link for directions to Porter Hospital located on South Street in Middlebury (less than 1 mile from campus):


Rental Vehicle Accidents & Emergencies

Trip Leaders are responsible for communicating emergency situations to their sponsoring office ASAP. If the trip sponsor is unavailable please contact Public Safety at (802) 443-5911.

Please communicate:

·         the nature of the emergency

·         your alternative plans

·         the best means to contact you

Mechanical Problems

College Vehicle

During Office Hours (Mon-Fri , 7:30 am-4pm):
Call the Vehicle Rental Office at (802) 443-5462.

After Hours:
Call the vehicle manufacturer’s Roadside Assistance number.

Chevy - (800) 242-8872
Chrysler - (800) 521-2779
Honda Civic - Call the local Honda Dealer nearest you.

Non-College Vehicle

Call the rental agency and ask how to proceed. Their phone number is on your copy of the rental agreement.

If further assistance is needed contact Public Safety (802) 443-5133 or 5911.


The registered driver of any College-owned or College-arranged rental vehicle is responsible for immediately following the protocols outlined below.

On Campus

1.      If anyone is injured, call 911.

2.      Notify the Department of Public Safety at (802) 443-5911 and the Risk Management Office at (802) 443-5504.  Public Safety must investigate and, if necessary, they will notify the local police.  Public Safety will notify the Dean of Students/Student Life Office if students are involved.


Off Campus

1.      If anyone is injured, call 911.

2.      Contact the local law enforcement agency and provide them with information about the accident and the College’s insurance information (provided below). Please request a copy of the accident report.

3.      Obtain the name, address, telephone number, and insurance information from any other parties involved.

4.      Contact Public Safety at (802) 443-5911 and the Risk Management Office at (802) 443-5504 if you are involved in an accident that results in a personal injury or major property damage.  Report all information relating to the nature of the injuries or damage.

5.      If another vehicle is required to safely transport people back to Middlebury College, Public Safety will contact the department head or Vehicle Rental Coordinator to make arrangements.

College Insurance Provider
Travelers Insurance
One Tower Square
Hartford, CT  06183
(800) 328-2189
Policy # Y-810-503K116A

Accidents that do not result in personal injury and major property damage must be reported to the Vehicle Rental Coordinator immediately upon your return to campus at (802) 443-5462. (See back page for additional information and College phone numbers.)


Middlebury College General Information and Phone Numbers


Phone Numbers

Public Safety                           802-443-5911

Campus Activities                   802-443-3103

Facilities Vehicle Rentals        802-443-5462

Insurance Representative        802-443-5504

Atwater Commons                  802-443-3310

Brainerd Commons                 802-443-3320

Cook Commons                      802-443-3330

Ross Commons                       802-443-3340

Wonnacott Commons             802-443-3350



Address and College Official

Middlebury College

c/o Tom Corbin, Assistant Treasurer

152 Maple Street, Suite 102

Middlebury, VT 05753



General Insurance Agent

USI Insurance

123 Interstate Drive

Springfield, MA  01089

(413) 750-4200

Karen Devins

Jacob Stone, Executive Vice President



Automobile and General Liability Insurance


Policy # 4-810-503K116A

Telephone (802) 238-6225




Rental Insurance Company

Claims involving vehicles rented using the College’s American Express or College Procurement card, are handled by calling Pam Norton at (802) 443-5504.  The insurance provides coverage for damage to the rented vehicle.  There is no need to purchase insurance from the rental company. 


Alerts Delayed 2 Hrs

DPS creates and distributes Safety Alerts when a specific safety issue arises and requires public notification.  For support and safety reasons, we have located this feed off-site at Google Sites.

Because of this, alerts may be delayed up to 2 hours.  

The Announcements 2 hours or older will be listed below.