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The Writing Program supports the teaching of writing by organizing and encouraging faculty conversations about writing across the curriculum, writing within the disciplines, and writing beyond the academy. In addition to hosting conversations about writing, we create, collect and share written materials that pertain to the teaching of writing. These handouts include discussion of writing processes and genres, sample writing assignments, and syllabi from writing intensive classes across the curriculum. Some are written for faculty and others are written for students.

Writing Tutors and Writing and Academic Mentors

Peer Writing Tutors

Writing Program

The Writing Program inspires critical and creative thinking about language, story, argument and intercultural communication. Our courses privilege a student-centered workshop approach that is inquiry-based.  


Quick Writing Resources for Student Writers

Writing Resources for Student Writers

go/writingresources  Helpful writing information for Middlebury students 
go/middwrite           WordPress site with writing tips

go/researchfaq         Need help starting a research paper or project?                                      Look here.

How do I structure a college essay?

Most college papers need a thesis that argues a point that can be proven or demonstrated with evidence in the paper. Use this worksheet to help see if  the paper has the points, evidence, and analysis to prove the thesis: Structure of an Essay.

Making appointments with Writing Faculty

<p>To Meet with Writing Program Faculty</p>To Meet With Writing Program Faculty and staff, you'll want to plan ahead when possible and schedule appointments with us via our computer based scheduling system,

Sample Grading Criteria for Students

DISCUSSION/PARTICIPATION: 10% - Discussion is essential to air ideas. We all can and will learn from each other, but first we must think, listen and be heard.

Participation Grades: The following descriptions provide some thoughts on the grades which might be assigned to your participation.  Please recognize that the grades you receive reflect my evaluation of your involvement in class.


Midterm Evaluation

1) What is your overall impression of this class so far?
2) What aspects of this class work (especially) well for you?
3) What does not work so well?
4) On a scale from 1-5 (with 5 being the highest), how
would you rank:

a) the amount of what you have learned so far
b) how you feel integrated into the class/ opportunities 
to contribute
c) clearness of instructor's explanations
d) effectiveness of teaching/ learning

Midterm Portfolio Checklist


Grading Criteria for Midterm Portfolio

Adapted from Donald M. Murray, Learning by Teaching


Is there an abundance of information?
Is it specific? Is it accurate? Is it honest?  
Is it used effectively to develop and document what the writer has to say?


Has the writer found his or her subject?
Has the writer made the subject worth reading about?
Is the writing focused on the subject?
Is the subject limited - developed and completed?
Are the reader's questions answered?
Does the piece have a meaning?

Assessing Student Writing

Evaluation of Term Papers


Writing and Teaching Retreat

Faculty Retreat


Peer Writing Tutors

Peer Writing Tutors can work with Middlebury students at every phase of the writing process.


The Paul W. Ward '25 Memorial Prize


Ward Prize Certificate



Teaching Resources

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research hosts discussions, round tables, and talks about teaching at Middlebury and beyond.