Writing and Academic Mentor for FYS

The Writing and Academic Mentor for First-Year Seminars (FYSM) serves as a mentor and writing tutor for first-year students, assisting them with writing and oral presentation skills, time and project management. The Mentor can work with students individually or in groups, either during class time or outside of class, for up to 60 hours over the course of the semester.  The Mentors will be trained, supervised, and paid by CTLR. To learn more about the program contact:

Responsibilities of the Liberal Arts Mentor

The teacher education faculty will meet with all the liberal arts mentors early in the semester to review the responsibilities and explain the licensure process.

The role of the liberal arts mentor is threefold:

  • The liberal arts mentor will critique the student's teaching at least twice during the semester by observing in the classroom. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange these visits with the liberal arts mentor. A brief written evaluation of these visits are helpful to the student and may be used in his or her licensure portfolio.
  • Along with the college supervisor and cooperating teacher, the liberal arts mentor may provide assistance to and resources for the student teacher on the design of their teaching units and in the development of their licensure portfolio.
  • Along with the college supervisor and cooperating teacher, at the end of the semester, the liberal arts mentor will attend the Professional Semester Review Committee meeting to evaluate the student teaching performance.

The liberal arts mentor and the student teacher may also work together on a "teacher as researcher" project in which a topic of mutual interest to both the liberal arts mentor and student teacher is explored in the classroom and presented in the student teacher's portfolio. Topics that explore the interplay of theory and practice are especially encouraged.

The Education Studies Program hopes that liberal arts mentors will serve periodically on the Education Studies Program Committee which reviews applications for the professional semester and provides substantive advice on ways to improve the teacher preparation programs and the coordination between the academic departments and teacher education.


Sisters in Sport: everyone wins in this fast-break mentoring program

A dozen seventh grade girls excitedly kick off their snow boots and race one another to lace up their tennis shoes before entering the gym. As the door opens, the sound of basketballs bouncing up and down fills the room. A Middlebury College student sees the girls, puts the basketball she is holding under one arm, and beckons the seventh graders onto the court. The seventh graders grab balls and join the college players, ready for fun.

During the basketball season, the Middlebury College women’s basketball team and seventh graders from Middlebury Union Middle School participate in Sisters in Sport. The Middlebury students work with the seventh grade girls as both mentors and as basketball teammates.