February Pre-Arrival Checklist

Please refer to BannerWeb for the comprehensive Pre-Arrival Checklist and updated links to all required forms.

Middlebury College E-Mail Account

Personal Information and Self-Service Banner Forms

  • Log into go.middlebury.edu/ssb and fill in required information
    • These forms include:
      • Personal Information
      • Parent Contact Information
  • SUBMIT by July 1

Financially Responsible Contact Information

  • Submit by July 1

Housing Contract and Roommate Questionnaire

  • SUBMIT: Contract and Questionnaire by October 30 for FEB Admissions. 

Personal Evacuation Plan

  • SUBMIT: by February 8 

First-Year Seminar Registration (for first-year students only)

  • This is only for first year students; transfer and exchange students do not enroll in First-Year Seminars and will complete course registration when they arrive on campus. 
  • SUBMIT: anytime between January 6 at noon through January 12 at 5:00 p.m. 

Special Needs Identification Form

  • SUBMIT: by November 14

 Health and Wellness

  • SUBMIT: by February 3

Emergency Contact Information

  • SUBMIT: by July 1

ID Photo Submission

  • SUBMIT: by January 16

Student Health Form and Athlete Supplement Health Form (including Physical Exam and Immunization Record)

  • SUBMIT: by November 1

Online Placement Exams

Trips Registration Form

  • SUBMIT: by January 1

Vehicle Registration (via BannerWeb for those who choose to bring a car to campus)

  • SUBMIT: by January 16

Parking Permit Registration (via the Public Safety Store Front for those who choose to bring a car to campus)

  • SUBMIT: by January 16

Missing Person Contact Information

  • SUBMIT: by January 16

Bicycle Registration (via BannerWeb for those who choose to bring a bicycle to campus)

  • SUBMIT: by January 16

Insurance Waiver/Enrollment Forms

  • Note:  All students must have health insurance; you must submit a waiver if you want to opt out of the Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • Submit by February 15

Tuition Payment

  • SUBMIT: by January 15, 2015

Authorized Payer

  • SUBMIT: by June 10

Early Arrival Registration Form (International, Exchange, and U.S. Abroad Students Only)

  • SUBMIT: by September 15

Form I-20/Form DS-2019 Application and Supporting Documents (International and Exchange Students only)

  • SUBMIT: by September 15