Local Food at Middlebury

At Middlebury, local food isn't just what we do; it's who we are. 

Middlebury College Dining Services is committed to supporting local food systems. Our goal is to provide the highest quality and best tasting food to our students as well as to create a dining experience that engages with our community and our environment. 

Students working the Middlebury Organic Farm

Currently, 32% of the Dining Service's annual food budget is spent locally at 50 year-long and seasonal vendors, including Middlebury's own Organic Farm. Local raw ingredients, in-season fruits and vegetables, as well as meat and poultry, are all used regularly by Middlebury's dedicated dining staff. Vermont maple syrup, eggs, soy milk, and dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream can be found in the dining halls daily. 

College dining staff featured in student's portrait exhibit

The facial expressions in Angela Evancie’s new photo exhibit range from placid to cheerful to anxious. The black and white portraits of Middlebury College Dining Service employees achieve much of what she had hoped for – a humanizing portrayal of a group of people who students often overlook in the daily rush of academic life. Her photos are on display at the college’s 51 Main through Saturday, May 2.

“The dining halls are social hubs,” Evancie says, “where people gather and catch up with each other three times each day. It was important to me in this project that the staff be removed from the context in which we normally see them, in uniforms, doing a specific task that they do every day.” She asked the staff to wear their street clothes and photographed them in front of a plain background. Approximately 20 staff members volunteered to be photographed for the project.