Language Schools Dormitory Telephone Service


We provide courtesy telephones in all residence halls, in shared spaces such as hallways and lounges.

There is no in-room telephone service for Language School students, including Middlebury students, in the summer.


Coordinators will have requested a phone for faculty summer housing locations prior to your arrival.  If you want a voice mailbox added to your line, please contact Telephone Services at extension 5700.  Your coordinator will provide telephone instruments and extension number information, as well as a directory of School numbers.

Dialing Instructions

  • On-Campus Calls:  Dial 4-digit extension
  • Local Off-campus Calls:  Dial 9 + 7-digit local number
  • Toll-free Calls:  Dial 9 + toll-free number
  • Toll Calls:  Long distance personal calls require a calling card.  The College Bookstore in Proctor Hall offers a selection of calling cards, including international cards.
  • Emergency:  5911 for campus or 911 for fire or ambulance emergency.

Voice Mail Instructions


last update:  May 23, 2014