Public Copiers

College students, faculty, and staff may use the college’s public copiers, which are in

   Davis Family Library 142

   Davis Family Library 242

   Davis Family Library 303

   Bicentennial Hall, Armstrong Library 155

   McCullough Student Center, Midd Express

   Sunderland 121

Users need to enter their college ID number (without the leading zeros) or a college username and password to access the system.

Full instructions on how to use these photocopiers are posted at each machine.

Remember to press the Logout or Authentication Logout button when you are done so the next users' copies aren't charged against your account or department account.


  • College students may use a public copier if they want the copies to be applied against their quota account.
  • Copying required for a student’s job should be completed on a department copier.

Student Workers

  • Department coordinators will be responsible for and must monitor the usage of shared copy codes on restricted copiers.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff members may use any public copier as well as their department’s copier.

Starting July 1, 2014, copying is not charged against a departmental or project Banner index.  Copiers in your department are unrestricted, unless restriction is requested.  If a department wants copying to have ID restriction, notify Printer Management.  One generic ID in the copier for staff to use in the future.   


Guests can use any of the copiers by entering their PaperCut user name and password once they have purchased a PaperCut printing cash card.

updated 9/1/14

Using: Print, Copy, Scan & Fax Machines


Students are given a print quota each term. They may increase their quota by purchasing a cash card at Wilson Cafe, MiddXpress, the Food Cart outside of Armstrong Library, or the College Store. They may print to public printers, using a print release station.

Students participating in a student organization should request printing instructions from the Student Activities office staff.

Student workers should obtain the department’s generic account information for their work’s printing needs. Printing should occur on the department’s machine. Students should not use their individual accounts, therefore quotas, for work-related printing. Students who opt to do so will not have their quotas reimbursed.

Faculty and staff may print, without limitation, to any machine on campus. Many offices and departments have shared network printers. These can be added to the printer list on any college-owned computer (for personal computers you must use Web Print). The Helpdesk wiki provides instructions on adding a printer to a Mac or a PC .

Guests of the college are those who are not students or employees. They may print by setting up a guest account through printing to guest printers.

Copiers (A Function of Multifunction Machines)

Students may use their print quota for photocopying. They may increase their quota by purchasing additional pages. They may copy on public machines throughout campus.

Students participating in a student organization should consult the Student Activities office staff for guidance.

Student workers should obtain a numeric code to use on their department’s machine. Students cannot use their quotas for work-related copying on those machines. Students who opt to use their quota on public machines for work copies will not have their quotas reimbursed.

Faculty and staff may use any photocopier on campus. Department and public machines will require users to enter their ID number to access the copy function. There is no charge to the departments for copying.

Guests of the college may copy on campus by setting up a guest account.


Machines that have a scan function may be used to scan-to-email. The receiving e-mail must be at a college address; the system will not scan to outside addresses. Directions are posted at individual machines. There is no cost to scan.


Students have access to an outgoing fax machine in The Davis Family Library. Students engaged in a job search may use a fax machine in Career Services, as well. Students may receive faxes through the McCullough Student Center’s mail center. That fax machine’s number is 802-443-2068. There is no charge to students who are faxing.

Faculty and staff must have their ID programmed into their department’s multifunction machine(s) in order to access the fax option. Users will be required to enter their ID number to access their machine’s functions. Placing a fax call is exactly like placing a telephone call.

Report Malfunctioning Machines

If a public printer is not functioning well, it is important that you report the problem immediately by calling x2200 or visiting the Walk-In Helpdesk Center in Davis Family Library 202. This will expedite troubleshooting and the corrective actions to get the machine back on-line.

In addition, reporting the problem swiftly allows the Helpdesk to deactivate the machine so that other jobs may not enter its queue. Refund requests are corroborated by reported problems.

Malfunctioning department machines should be reported directly to SymQuest.

Details and procedures are provided by ITS’ Helpdesk.

updated 7/1/14