Printer & Copier Accounts


All students start each term with quota amounts given to them to cover their printing and copying.  To cover thesis work, seniors are given double funds:
Fall term                      $30 (seniors $60)
Winter term                  $12 (seniors $24)
Spring term                  $30 (seniors $60)

The Cost of Printing & Copying

This section outlines student, faculty, and staff print processes.

The college encourages you to consider the full cost of printing, whether it be financial or environmental for power, paper, toner/ink, and machine.  Please print what you need as it becomes necessary.

PaperCut - Managing Your Account

PaperCut is a system to track printing and copying, which is used to bill student and guest accounts, as well as to provide data for printer management and planning.  It is the system students and guests use to:

  • View an account balance
  • See recent account activity
  • Redeem cash card to add funds to an account (guests)
  • Request a refund when a printer or copier is reported as malfunctioning.

Any browser will get to go/PaperCut or