February Pre-Arrival Checklist

Please refer to BannerWeb for the comprehensive Pre-Arrival Checklist and updated links to all required forms.

Middlebury College E-Mail Account

Personal Information and Self-Service Banner Forms

  • Log into go.middlebury.edu/ssb and fill in required information
    • These forms include:
      • Personal Information
      • Parent Contact Information
  • SUBMIT by July 1

Financially Responsible Contact Information

  • Submit by July 1

Housing Contract and Roommate Questionnaire

  • SUBMIT: Contract and Questionnaire by October 30 for FEB Admissions. 

Personal Evacuation Plan

  • SUBMIT: by February 8 

First-Year Seminar Registration (for first-year students only)

  • This is only for first year students; transfer and exchange students do not enroll in First-Year Seminars and will complete course registration when they arrive on campus. 
  • SUBMIT: anytime between January 6 at noon through January 12 at 5:00 p.m. 

Special Needs Identification Form

  • SUBMIT: by November 14

 Health and Wellness

  • SUBMIT: by February 3

Emergency Contact Information

  • SUBMIT: by July 1

ID Photo Submission

  • SUBMIT: by January 16

Student Health Form and Athlete Supplement Health Form (including Physical Exam and Immunization Record)

  • SUBMIT: by November 1

Online Placement Exams

Trips Registration Form

  • SUBMIT: by January 1

Vehicle Registration (via BannerWeb for those who choose to bring a car to campus)

  • SUBMIT: by January 16

Parking Permit Registration (via the Public Safety Store Front for those who choose to bring a car to campus)

  • SUBMIT: by January 16

Missing Person Contact Information

  • SUBMIT: by January 16

Bicycle Registration (via BannerWeb for those who choose to bring a bicycle to campus)

  • SUBMIT: by January 16

Insurance Waiver/Enrollment Forms

  • Note:  All students must have health insurance; you must submit a waiver if you want to opt out of the Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • Submit by February 15

Tuition Payment

  • SUBMIT: by January 15, 2015

Authorized Payer

  • SUBMIT: by June 10

Early Arrival Registration Form (International, Exchange, and U.S. Abroad Students Only)

  • SUBMIT: by September 15

Form I-20/Form DS-2019 Application and Supporting Documents (International and Exchange Students only)

  • SUBMIT: by September 15
Where can I stay for February Celebration?

There isn't any campus housing available for February Celebration weekend. We suggest you call area hotels, inns and Bed and Breakfasts. You can also visit the Addison County Chamber of Commerce for names of local establishments.