Are petty cash funds subject to reviews?

Yes.  All petty cash funds are subject to unannounced periodic cash counts by the Controller's Office.  Custodians are expected to have the petty cash funds available at all times.

How do I replace petty cash funds?

The custodian must complete a voucher; sign, date and attach all original receipts.  In addition, provide the account or FOAPAL the purchase(s) is to be expensed against.  The voucher should be submitted to the Controller's Office (accounts payable).

What are Petty Cash funds?

A supply of cash necessary to make immediate payments for the purchase of authorized items.  Petty cash funds may not be established to circumvent the college's purchasing guidelines.

How do I set up a petty cash or change fund?

Petty cash or change funds are set up through the Controller's Office (accounts payable).  A voucher will be filled out with the purpose of the funds and how long they are needed.  The voucher will be signed by whomever will be the custodian and their supervisor or budget administrator.  A check will be cut in the custodians name.