Internet Native Banner (INB) is SunGard's web application suite used primarily by the College's administrative offices to access, maintain, and process data contained in the Banner database.

Banner INB

INB Production


Links below are mainly used for testing:

INB PreProduction

Who do I contact if I forget my Banner password?

Call the help desk at ext. 802-443-2200


Who do I call if locked out of Banner?

Cheryl LeBlanc at ext. 802-443-5372


What is Banner?

Banner is the computer software that the College uses for most of its activities, including tracking financial data. For more information on budget data,


How do I use Banner?

Banner training is provided by LIS. Click here for more on LIS workshops. For more specific information on navigating on Banner, contact the Budget Office at budget@middlebury.edu. To get access to Banner, please contact your supervisor.


How do I get access to Banner?

Go to the link "Banner online security request form" at the below site.