Internet Native Banner (INB) is SunGard's web application suite used primarily by the College's administrative offices to access, maintain, and process data contained in the Banner database.

Wiki Documentation Visit this page for Banner documentation.

Banner is our collegiate administrative suite of student, financial aid, finance, human resources, and advancement systems. It is a tightly integrated suite of enterprise applications on a single database, designed to support the administrative needs of all our institutions.

BannerWeb or Self-Service Banner (SSB) is SunGard's self service web application suite used primarily by internal and external constituents.

We are changing the way work is requested from the Administrative Systems group. We are asking business users to submit tickets through our Web Helpdesk system (go/whd) for certain types of issues.  This will help us provide you with better service.

What should I do if I need to request a project or enhancement to Banner?

For now, please continue to fill out the Banner Modification Request form found on the right-hand side of this page and submit to Charlotte Pratt via e-mail.

Web Help Desk ticket types and examples:

Banner Patch/Upgrade Request

The timing of patch and upgrade review and application is often a conversation between functional areas and Banner developers.  We would like to bring these conversations into the Web Helpdesk to allow better oversight and coverage (in case the developer you've been talking to happens to be out).

3rd Party/Integration Issue

We send data to or receive data from many different systems on- and off-campus.  Some more popular examples include:

  • DegreeWorks (degree advising software)
  • Pyramed
  • Terra Dotta
  • Millennium

Banner How To/Questions

  • Looking for research to determine if a project is feasible?
  • Need to understand how some aspect of custom code works?
  • Other how tos or general questions about Banner INB or BannerWeb.

Banner INB Issue

  • Trouble logging into INB?
  • Problem with a custom INB form or job submission?

Banner SSB Issue

  • Trouble logging into SSB? 
  • Errors while using an SSB page?
  • Not seeing what you expect to see on an SSB page?

ALL requests for Hyperion report work should come through the Web Helpdesk.  

  • Give us background - what is this data being used for?  This can help us help you get the right data the first time.
  • When is the report needed by? Please remember that our staff handles other duties as well.  Plan ahead if you can.

Hyperion Add/Modify Report

Hyperion How To/Question

Hyperion Issue

Hyperion Query Help - Are you writing a report but need help with a more advanced topic?

Who do I contact if I forget my Banner password?

Call the help desk at ext. 802-443-2200

Who do I call if locked out of Banner?

Cheryl LeBlanc at ext. 802-443-5372

What is Banner?

Banner is the computer software that the College uses for most of its activities, including tracking financial data. For more information on budget data,



How do I use Banner?

Banner training is provided by LIS. Click here for more on LIS workshops. For more specific information on navigating on Banner, contact the Budget Office at To get access to Banner, please contact your supervisor.

How do I get access to Banner?

Go to the link "Banner online security request form" at the below site.