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Geography Department Facilities

The Geography Department manages four laboratories that support digital cartography, geographic information systems (GIS), and remote sensing. These labs contain 42 computer workstations, small and large format scanners, and high resolution color printers for student use. The department also owns a variety of handheld global positioning systems (GPS) for data collection, including high-end receivers capable of performing GIS operations in the field. Lab workstations provide students with access to professional GIS and graphic design software, including ArcInfo, Idrisi, ERDAS, ENVI, MapInfo, and the Adobe Creative Suite.

GIS and Cartography Teaching Lab

The GIS and Cartography Teaching Lab contains 15 computer workstations, an instructor workstation, and a Smartboard for interactive instruction. It is where GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and cartography laboratories are conducted, and is available for student use whenever classes are not scheduled.


Cartography Workroom

The Cartography Workroom houses the department's scanners, color laser printers, large format printer, light tables, and paper cutters for cartographic production. It also contains six computer workstations for GIS and cartographic design.


The Sandbox

The Sandbox, with five computer workstations, a large central table, and comfy chairs, is a research lounge. Students working on large projects spend many hours in the sandbox, faculty meet with students here when they need space to spread out materials, and the room is a social hub for the department. The Sandbox also houses the department's library.


Seminar Room and Computer Lab

MBH 632 is home to a second 15-computer teaching lab and a seminar space where seminars, labs, and discussion sections meet. This versatile room is well suited for geography seminars and labs, which often make use of both computing and group discussion spaces during a single class period.

Department of Geography

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