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Russian & East European Studies Recent Student Theses

2018, Toni Cross, A Tale of Two Ethnic Groups: The Legacies of Colonialism, Communism, Imperialism, and Nationalism in the Construction of Moroccan Amazigh and Russian Volga Tatar Identities

2016Katherine Baughman, Divergence of Catalan and Ukrainian Linguistic Histories,1990-2015: Political, Cultural, Economic and Demographic Factors in Language Change

2014, Samuel Finkelman, Deus Conservat Omnia: Sin, Suffering and Salvation in Anna Akhmatova's Poema bez geroya

2014, Connor Wakayama, Georgia in Jeopardy: A Clash of National Interests in the 2008 August War

2013, Sarah Bellingham, Political Protest in Putin's Russia: The Case of Pussy Riot

2010, David M. A. Parker, The Last Hero: Viktor Tsoi, Perestroika, and the Creation of a Cultural Icon

2008, Peter Hyson, Dreams of the Caucasus Conquest and Caprice

2007, Rachel Rosenfeld, Jewberia: The Struggle to Define Russian Jewish Identity in the Postmodern Period

2006, Joyce Man, Where Bear Meets Dragon: Destabilizing Forces on Today's Stabilized Russia-China Border

2005, Eric Simanek, The Business of Business: Defining Corporate Social Responsibility in Today’s Russia