The English and American Literatures Department stands in solidarity with our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander students, faculty colleagues, and staff. We condemn the acts of violence and stand with you in your grief and alarm over the recent attacks in Atlanta and across the United States. While the scourge of anti-Asian violence is not new, the alarming increase in violent acts against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders since the pandemic began exposes virulent racist ideology at the heart of this nation. Recent and historic anti-AAPI attacks and in the United States is deeply rooted in the historical legacy of racializing infectious diseases as an instrument of hatred against People of Color.   

The Atlanta murders also demand we draw attention to, and engage in conversation concerning, the intersection of misogyny and xenophobia. We acknowledge the historical legacy of white supremacy in the U.S. that targets Asian American women specifically and reject sexualized stereotypes of Asian American women.  

White allies cannot continue to be silent about this; ally work commits to doing the life-long work of dismantling systems of white supremacy.   

The ENAM Department continues work to increase and support diversity, equity, and inclusion at Middlebury and in the ENAM department. As scholars, educators, and creative writers, we commit ourselves to including, valuing, honoring, protecting, and respecting all members of our community.