There are lots of different reasons for choosing to apply to Middlebury—what will yours be?

I chose Middlebury due to its focus on languages. In high school, I was really big learning French, and at Middlebury started, picked up two new languages, Arabic and Hebrew now.
I wanted to go to the best Environmental Studies program in the nation, and I was also drawn to the student body.

I chose Middlebury from a video that I saw online about residential life, academic life, and social life, and how all that intersected wonderfully here.
The sense of community and how welcoming everybody was.
Everyone here on campus has a story.
The people.
The overall sense of community.

I chose Middlebury because of the small classes, close contact with professors that that provided and the really active clubs and organizations that we have on campus.
I was looking for a place where I could be more than a student, and where I could be a member of a community.

And that’s what I found here at Middlebury.


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