The following are the Named and Endowed Scholarships received by members of the Class of 2021.

Elbert S. and Anna Brigham Scholarship

Walter E. Brooker ’37 and Barbara C. Brooker ’40 Scholarship

Robert E. F. Buckley ’03 Scholarship

Madeline S. Buttles ’38 Scholarship

John and Mary Cadwell Scholarship

Callow Family Scholarship

Chen Su Endowed Scholarship

Robert R. Churchill Memorial Scholarship

Class of 1918 Scholarship

Class of 1927 Scholarship

Class of 1937 Scholarship

Class of 1947 Scholarship

Class of 1949 Scholarship

Class of 1952 Scholarship

Class of 1961 Reunion Fund

Class of 1963 Scholarship

Class of 1965 25th Reunion Fund

Class of 1967 Scholarship

Chester H. Clemens ’33 and Eleanor B. Clemens ’32 Fund

Roger Pecke Cleveland ’28 Scholarship

Winifred Coffin and Beatrice Taft Scholarship

Almy D. Coggeshall ’40 Scholarship

Colby Fund

Jesse Connor Memorial Scholarship

Edward Cooperstein ’46 Scholarship

Gertrude Cornish Milliken 1901 Scholarship

Kay Corrigan Scholarship

Annie L. Cox Scholarship

Croland/Kohlreiter Scholarship

Verena V.F. and Roderick H. Cushman Endowed Scholarship

Verena V.F. and Roderick H. Cushman Expendable Scholarship

Cushman-Williams Endowed Scholarship

Charles A. Dana Scholarship

John F. Darrow ’37 Memorial Fund

Davis United World College Scholars Endowment

Davis United World College Scholars Support Fund

Davis United World College Scholarship

Sam P. Davis, Jr. ’52 Scholarship

Wilfred Davison Scholarship

Clifford T. Day Scholarship

Juana Gamero de Coca Memorial Expendable Scholarship Fund

Ralph L. DeGroff 1925 Memorial Scholarship

Marten Y. de Schepper ’72 Memorial Scholarship

T. Bradford Dickerson ’10 Memorial Scholarship

Sandhya Douglas ’93 Expendable Scholarship

Dragone Family Scholarship

Easton Family Scholarship

Mac Elliman Financial Aid Fund

Grace M. Ellis 1912 Scholarship Fund

Nathalie Lewis Emery 1931 and Cornelius P. Brink 1931 Scholarship

Sidney Ender Scholarship

Alyce G. ’46 and Lewis G. Ensinger ’44 Scholarship

Jerome C. and Debora N. Eppler ’50 Scholarship

Faculty Scholarship

Feng ’92 Scholarship

Allan T. Fisher ’75 Memorial Scholarship

John Albert and Sophia Warner Fletcher Fund

E. Chester “Ben” Franklin 1921 Scholarship

Donald D. 1925 and Dorothy B. Fredrickson 1925 Memorial Scholarship

Rick and Martie Fritz Family Scholarship

Sara C. Fritz Scholarship

John Hamilton Fulton Memorial Scholarship

Fund for International Students

Dr. Clyde G. Fussell 1925 Memorial Scholarship

Barbara Everard Gannett ’61 Memorial Scholarship

Gilbert Family Scholarship

Edwin M. and Margaret Waller ’41 Glazier Scholarship

Goldman Sachs Gives-Weinberg Family Scholarship

Helen and Cecil Goodheart 1927 Scholarship

Sarah H. Gilmore Gordon ’78 Memorial Fund

Edward N. Gosselin 1915 Scholarship

Charles Gwathmey Endowed Scholarship

Annick and Paul-Louis Halley P’91 Scholarship

Joel B. Harris Memorial

Harris Family Scholarship

Earle E. 1922 and Marie W. Haskins Scholarship

The Burt A. Hazeltine Memorial Scholarship

William Randolph Hearst Endowment

Dr. Walter H. Hellman 1924 Scholarship

Marion M. Herrlich 1927 Scholarship

Elizabeth A. and Frank B. Hickcox Memorial Scholarship

Harold Palmer Higgins ’55 Scholarship

Hodges Family Scholarship

Laura Cabot Hodgkinson Scholarship

Horvitz Family Scholarship

Moses G. Hubbard 1913 Scholarship

The Ingalls Fellowship

Mohammad Noor Islam ’94 and Shama Bader Zakai Expendable Scholarship

Michael C. Jennings ’77 Scholarship

Marjorie Winter Jewell 1925 Scholarship

Christian A. Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Dinse Johnston Scholarship

Alison E. Jones ’07 Scholarship

Frederica V. Jones Scholarship

Linda M. and Robert A. Jones Scholarship

Kaminsky Family Expendable Scholarship

Kappa Delta Rho Scholarship

Joseph P. Kasper 1920 Scholarship

Kellogg Family Fund

Harry and Kathleen Kellogg Scholarship

Alice P. Kenney ’58 Memorial Scholarship

Killam Canadian Fund

Harold 1924 and Rena Dumas 1922 Kirschbaum Memorial Fund

William H. ’67 and Patricia Kleh Scholarship

Nicholas B. Kuckel ’01 Fund

Merton D. LaFountain 1922 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Susan Givens Lally ’99 Expendable Scholarship

Ted Lang, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Virginia Laube ’64 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Roxanne McCormick Leighton ’67 Scholarship

Margaret “Peg” Lewis West ’52 Endowed Scholarship

Ron and Jessica Liebowitz Scholarship

Betty M. Linsley ’49 Scholarship

Loon Point Scholarship

Andrew C. Marchbank ’65 Memorial Scholarship

Scott A. Margolin ’99 Memorial Scholarship

Martini Family Expendable Scholarship

McBride Family Scholarship

Buren H. McCormack Scholarship

Michaud Family Scholarship

Middlebury Museum and Visual Arts Council Expendable Scholarship

Middlebury Scholarship Fund for the Future

Middlebury Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship

MiddSTART-International Student Scholarship

Marvin Mintz Scholarship Fund

Henry F. Moody ’59 Scholarship

George B. and M. Frances Moran Scholarship

Howard M. Munford ’34 Scholarship

Murphy Family Scholarship

David A. Nalen ’81 Memorial Scholarship

Napack Family Posse Scholarship

Julie and Dominic Napolitano Family Scholarship

Elizabeth MacGill Needy ’47 Memorial Scholarship

Anne C. Nelson ’06 Scholarship

Fred F. Neuberger ’50 Memorial Scholarship

June Brogger Noble ’46 Memorial Scholarship

Sidney Nordenschild, Sr. Scholarship

Marianne Odfjell ’93 and Lars Titland Endowed Scholarship

Roger S. and Mary Vail Baldwin Optima Scholarship

Hewitt E. Page 1933 Scholarship

Helen V. Paine 1919 Scholarship

Dr. George F. Parton Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Laurie L. Patton Expendable Scholarship

Frank P. ’37 and Anne C. Piskor Scholarship

Louise R. Plaisted Scholarship

Michael H. Podell ’56 and Catherine H. Podell Financial Aid Fund

Poets ’91 Latin American Fund

William H. Porter Memorial Scholarship

Fredrika Proctor Scholarship

Pussycat Foundation-BOLD Women’s Leadership Network

Cecilia Quiros Scholarship

Russell L. Reilly Scholarship

Helen Coldwell Riccio Memorial Fund

The J. M. Ricker Scholarship

Robinson-Blake Scholarship

Marguerite Rogers 1918 Scholarship

Richard E. Roller ’67 Scholarship

Eleanor S. Ross Scholarship

A. Bayard Russ ’66 Memorial Scholarship

Scherer Family Expendable Scholarship

Michael D. Schoenfeld ’73 Scholarship

Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

Gale H. Shaw, Jr. ’53 and Dani Shaw Virtue ’82 Scholarship

Richard J. Sheehy Scholarship

Ernest Simons Memorial Scholarship

Smallwood Family Endowed Scholarship

Dorothy Symonds Spendlove ’36 Scholarship

Sprague Family Scholarship

Daniel J. Stark ’01 Scholarship

C.V. Starr Scholarship

John Wolcott Stewart Scholarship

Rockey Ensminger Stoebenau Scholarship

E. Carroll and Mary Joe Stollenwerck Scholarship

Strauss Family Scholarship

Swain Family Scholarship

Thomas G. Thompson Scholarship

Barbara and John Tormondsen ’82 Scholarship

Charles Irwin Travelli Scholarships

Gerard F., Carolyn W., Michelle R., Nicole A., and Mark A. Trudeau Family Addison County Educational Fund

K. P. Tsolainos Memorial Scholarship

Alice and Russell True Scholarship Fund

Herbert K. Twitchell Scholarship

Tyco International Scholarship

United World College Scholars Endowment

Vintiadis Family Scholarship

Roy Walch and Ida Clement Walch Memorial Scholarship Fund

Walter Family Scholarship

James A. and Edna M. Weeks Scholarship

Dr. Percy T. and Pauline C. Whitney Scholarship

Raymond L. Whitney ’35 Memorial Scholarship

Whittington Family Scholarship

Albert Henry Wiggin Memorial Scholarship

Percival 1902 and Marion Wilds Memorial Scholarship Fund

Harriet B. Windsor Scholarship

Elizabeth G. Woods ’51 Scholarship

Charles Baker Wright Scholarship

Kashif ’92 and Sujatha Menon Zafar ’94 Scholarship

Kashif ’92 and Sujatha Menon Zafar ’94 Expendable Scholarship