Hometown: Ossining, New York

Major: Neuroscience

Main extracurricular activities: Log rolling, Swing Dance Club, orchestra, occasionally ringing the bell tower

Why did you choose to attend Middlebury? When I was sorting through colleges, I was incredibly unsure of what sort of major I wanted to pursue (and to some extent still am, if we’re to be honest). I was caught between neuroscience, graphic arts, and anthropology, and was finding that those interests were disparate enough that most colleges would only let me thoroughly study one or another, and anything outside of that quickly chosen field only in broad sweeps. The structure of Middlebury’s distribution requirements gave me more freedom to pursue all of those interests, and pursue them in really great depth. I’m also always a sucker for snow and flowers, so also I’d say the campus itself was certainly a factor.

Is there a J-term experience that stands out as especially memorable, or perhaps a course offering or research opportunity that jumps out? One of my favorite J-term courses was on ethnomathematics, the study of interactions between cultures and systems of math, and how both develop as a result. I don’t think I ever expected that my knowledge of how to use a drop spindle would ever need to come up in college, let alone need to be used in a math course alongside calendar calculations and uncommon base number systems, but it did, and it was absolutely great.

Favorite Vermont spot? Some of the more out-of-the-way portions of the Trail Around Middlebury can be incredibly gorgeous, particularly in spring when they get thoroughly blanketed in crocuses and scilla. I haven’t explored much of Vermont outside of the Middlebury area, but some of the surrounding rivers and ski hills become incredibly underrated spots to appreciate fall colors. And the teahouse in town is also pretty great.

One fun fact about you or unknown talent you have: I can count from one to 30 in Roman numerals pretty quickly!