Hometown: Chappaqua, New York

Major: Psychology 

Minors: Education studies and global health

Main extracurricular activities: Mary Johnson Children’s Center, Community Friends mentor and coordinator, psychology research assistant, and regular attendee of YouPower spin class.

Why did you choose to attend Middlebury? Many factors-including location, size, rigor, and the freedom of liberal arts education-contributed to my decision to come to Middlebury. However, ultimately, I personally chose to come to Middlebury because of the passion I get to experience every day; a sentiment that I could viscerally feel when I visited four years ago. Everybody at Middlebury is passionate about something; whether it’s a sport, charity, academic interest, social justice issue, or something else, people at Middlebury are always fighting for or working on something. Nobody here seems to sit still, and I love that; it creates a palpable buzz unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Some of my favorite memories thus far from Middlebury are sitting in Ross listening to my best friends go on and on about the physics research they’re doing, and while I can’t totally understand what they’re saying, I can feel their enthusiasm radiating as they speak, and that embodies Middlebury to me. Middlebury, at its core, is based on passion, which can be seen in the students, faculty, and staff, and it’s this unique quality that truly makes Middlebury special.

Is there a J-term experience that stands out as especially memorable, or perhaps a course offering or research opportunity that jumps out? One day a bunch of us were out at the Snow Bowl and the skies opened up, so we decided to call it and head back to campus. We ran into another group of friends and somehow ended up trying (and succeeding) to put eight people and eight pairs of skis, into my car that seats seven. It was a fun ride home!

Favorite Vermont spot? Lake Dunmore

One fun fact about you or unknown talent you have: I once made Bill Clinton laugh during a Memorial Day parade.