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The Gonzales Community Solutions Lab (CoLab) is a collaboration between CSUMB, MCL, MIIS and the City of Gonzales, CA.…
The CoLab will support collaborative student-led research initiatives that strengthen current efforts by the City of Gonzales to create a vibrant, youth-supporting community. The projects must be initiated by students from MIIS and/or CSUMB and include a faculty mentor and a collaborator from the Gonzales community. The projects must be carried out between March 1, 2019 and May 31, 2020.

Criteria For Receiving Gonzales CoLab Funds:
1. The initiative aims to have a positive impact — or create future conditions for positive impact — on youth in the City of Gonzales. “Positive impact” can be interpreted broadly and loosely.

2. The initiative falls within one or more of the following areas: 1) Linguistic justice; 2) Youth empowerment and civic engagement; 3) Equitable economic development; or 4) legal justice.

3. The initiative aims to create new knowledge/insights in collaboration with stakeholders in the Gonzales community. (IN OTHER WORDS, we’re not funding simply an event, or service activity alone. There needs to be some “knowledge co-creation” component.)

4. The initiative must include a plan to share the insights/knowledge that are generated with stakeholders in the Gonzales community. (IN OTHER WORDS, we’re not looking to fund activities that are merely learning grounds for students. The initiative has to have a reasonable possibility of producing something important for/with Gonzales stakeholders, not just be a good learning experience for our students.)

Student submissions require a faculty sponsor/mentor. Faculty submissions require a student researcher collaborator.

The initiative can be accomplished in the time frame available.

Allowable Expenses
The maximum amount awarded to each initiative is $2,000. Each grant can support the following expenses:
Up to $1400 in student research time ($14/hour x 100 hours = $1400)
Up to $400 in gas and travel support ($.55/mile)
Up to $200 in supplies (materials, hospitality, etc.)

For additional information contact:
Dr. Netta Avineri, MIIS:
Dr. Kent Glenzer, MIIS:
Dr. Seth Pollack, CSUMB:
Dean Mitch Winick, Monterey College of Law:

Sponsored by:
Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation, and Language Education

Contact Organizer

Carolyn Meyer