Dana Auditorium (Sunderland Language Center)
356 College Street
Middlebury, VT 05753
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DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT [excerpt]: “I Am Not A Witch came about because of a huge spate of witch accusations that took place over a particularly dry summer in Zambia. What drew me in particular was that these accusations of witchcraft were almost always aimed at Women… Eventually my research took me to Ghana. For over a month I stayed in one of the oldest Witch Camps in the world (over 200 years old) – the first foreigner to sleep there apparently. It’s my stay at the ‘witch camp’ that informed the script…”

In English and Nyanja with English subtitles. Co-sponsored by the Vermont International Film Foundation. (88 minutes). A Hirschfield International Film Series event. Free.

Sponsored by:
Film & Media Culture

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Berg, Sheerya
(802) 443-3190