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ENVS 0401 Community Engaged Practicum Presentations

The Fall 2020 ENVS0401 Community-Engaged Practicum undertook a range of collaborative projects that asked students to take very seriously the historical-cultural moment we are in right now (while also examining the historical events—and contested interpretations of those events—that got us where we are today). That moment is one in which a climate crisis, a not-yet-controlled pandemic and a resurgence of racial justice activism are all unfolding in a deeply intertwined way—globally, nationally and in the state of Vermont. On the local level, a long history of rural poverty and economic inequality also shapes the daily realities of many Vermonters. Students investigated what might traditionally be called “environmental” concerns with attention to these broader issues, thinking about parks, forests, recreation, food, agriculture, energy and climate resilience with attention to why and how racial and economic justice can become central to future initiatives in Vermont. 

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