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The RISE 2020 conference is a three-day 100% virtual event on the weekend of October 2-4th, 2020. The vision of RISE 2020 is to create a space for over 1,000 college and university students to connect with God, bond with others, and to become galvanized for the Gospel for the upcoming year. Featured speakers include philosopher and author of Reasonable Faith Professor William Lane Craig; apologist and speaker Professor Sean McDowell; and founder of Dare2Share Ministries, Greg Stier. Featured Activities will include plenary sessions, worship session, small group discussions with on-campus and remote students, and two dessert socials. Through this conference Middlebury students will become equipped to encourage others with the hope of the gospel. Other participating East coast colleges and universities include Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT, and Princeton.

Sponsored by:
Middlebury Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

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