The Sustainability Consultancy helps student organizations, staff departments, and academic departments brainstorm and implement actions that will work in line with the goals of Energy2028 and enhance overall sustainability. 

Sustainability Consultants are students that are hired and trained by the SSL and then matched with an organization/department on campus. The Consultants will work in close connection with their clients, advising departments/organizations in areas such as energy consumption, waste management, and the development of more sustainable, climate-conscious curricula and programming. 

Fall 2020 Clients

  • Office of Community Engagement
  • Debate Society

Spring 2021 Clients

  • College Store
  • Alpine Ski Team

Past Projects

  • Creating personalized travel guidelines for reducing carbon footprint
  • Helping plan physical office space and create community norms around space usage
  • Developing workshops specific to department’s central topics that incorporate sustainability themes

If you are a student that is interested in applying to become a Sustainability Consultant, keep your eyes out for a job description that will be posted to the Student Employment site on August 15. Consultants will work roughly 5-8 hours per week.

If you are a leader of a student organization or staff/academic department and are interested in signing up for this Consultancy, please let us know. Clients will meet with their Consultant for roughly one hour each week or every other week.

Feel free to email with any questions or comments!