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Change management is a term used to describe the process by which institutions prepare people for a new way of doing things. At Middlebury, this means big new technology changes, which impact the way many of us do our work. These changes can be stressful, especially if people don’t feel they understand why or how to adopt the new processes.

Middlebury’s change management team is working to support the technical implementation of Oracle HCM by ensuring that we commit time and resources to the people side of change. That means we work to ensure that everyone understands why we’re changing, what specifically is changing, and how to utilize the new technology most effectively. We’ll do this through regular communications about the process, plenty of training sessions, and technical support.

Even with the very best planning, every organization undergoing a large change experiences a dip in productivity right after the change is implemented. We will likely feel that dip at Middlebury too when HCM goes live, but we are working to make it as short-lived as possible.

To help us with this work, we have enlisted a group of colleagues from across Middlebury—our Change Facilitators Network—who are helping to communicate what’s happening with the implementation back to their respective departments throughout the institution.