In order to promote healthy eating and sustainability at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, please follow the guidelines below when organizing an event.  All events should serve at least 50 percent plant-based food items.

Serve 50% Plant-Based Foods 

Serving ad eating more plant-based foods reduces carbon emissions and helps conserve water. Seasonal, local, organic food with little packaging is the best choice.  Some ideas for food items that meet the 50/50 criteria:

  • Hummus and baba ganoush spreads with crackers, pita, or bread

  • Snacks such as fruit, nuts, chips, salsa, and guacamole

  • Vegetable sushi rolls

  • Veggie burgers

  • Vegetable soups and chili without a cream base

  • Vegetable stir fries

  • Vegan salads such as pasta and bean salads

  • Vegetarian sandwich fixings, including baked tofu, avocados, cucumbers, and tomatoes

  • Vegetable or lentil curries

Support Fair Trade 

Purchasing products that are fair-trade certified encourages environmentally friendly production methods and safeguarding humane working conditions.  Serve only fair trade coffee, teas, banana, and chocolate.  

Use Reusable Servingware

A limited amount of serving platters and dishes are available in the events kitchen on the lower floor of McCone. If reusable servingware is not possible, purchase compostable servingware, which can be easily found at most major grocery stores. Do not use Styrofoam or plastic cups, plates, or bowls.  Use water dispensers, which can be requested on the Event Logistics Request Form, instead of individual bottled water. 

For larger events, you can order servingware from Passion Purveyors.

Provide Recycling and Trash Cans

Make sure that event attendees have easy access to trash cans and recycling bins. To obtain additional recycling bins for your event, include a note on your Event Logistics Request form.

Save Electricity

Don’t forget to turn off any lights or electronic equipment once you are done using them.