Frontier Market Scouts students present to the class as part of their certificate training.

The two-week professional certificate training is designed and delivered by experienced professionals in the social and commercial venture investment industries. They understand the mission of the Frontier Market Scouts Program and what it takes to make a great Frontier Market Scout.


We are happy to welcome returning faculty and new additions to the team for the upcoming 2020 session: 

Schedule and Curriculum

The training curriculum combines lectures, co-creative projects, and experiential learning facilitated by leading social entrepreneurs and investors. See below for the training sessions offered:

  • Social Enterprise and Impact Investing (Ross Baird, President and Founder, Village Capital)
  • Social Venture Ecosystems Across the Globe (Gray Robinson, ANZU Partners, Senior Associate)
  • Impact Capital Stacks and Management Strategies (Eric Maltzer, Director at Medora Ventures)
  • Unique Considerations for Social Enterprise Business Model Designs (Yuwei Shi, Professor, Middlebury Institute)
  • Challenges and Approaches to Scaling Social Enterprises (Alex Lazarow, Principal at Omidyar Network)
  • Building Cross-sector Impact Metrics (Ashley Speyer, Senior Associate, Lean Data, ACUMEN)
  • Getting Real About Impact: The New Economics of Social Change (Morgan Simon, Managing Director at Pi Investments)

What you'll gain:

  • Connection and guidance from experts.
  • A community of practice with other participants
  • Access to the FMS, Middlebury Institute, and Middlebury College alumni community
  • Professional Certificate in Impact Investing and Social Enterprise Management from the Middlebury Institute
  • FMS staff support connecting with social enterprises for an optional 2-12 month field fellowship

"I planned to do FMS for the field fellowship, but the certificate training turned-out to be one of the most impactful learning experiences I've ever had." -FMS Participant January 2018