| by Jarlath McGuckin

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Jade McGlynn

Senior Researcher for the Monterey Initiative in Russian Studies explains the broader significance of the May 9 Victory Day celebrations in Russia and discusses Russia’s ongoing war on Ukraine with CNNi, RTE, France24 and Monacle.


Dr. Jade McGlynn, Senior Researcher for the Monterey Initiative in Russian Studies at MIIS, has been providing expert commentary on the use of historical memory in Putin’s Russia. Dr. McGlynn was just featured on the Bloomberg Westminster podcast discussing support for the war in Ukraine among the youth of Russia. She was interviewed by Isa Soares on CNN International, Ireland’s RTE news and participated in the France24 show “The Debate” alongside Anatol Lieven and Alexandra Filippenko. Dr. McGlynn was also interviewed for the Foreign Policy article “Putin’s Next Power Play is a Parade.” On Wednesday, May 4, Dr. McGlynn was featured speaker at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress event “Russia’s Politics, Propaganda & Memory” and on Thursday, May 5, she discussed Russian media depictions of Sweden and Finland on Monacle Radio

Dr. McGlynn has also published a new volume, Rethinking Period Boundaries: New Approaches to Continuity and Discontinuity in Modern European History and Culture co-edited with Lucian George. Her chapter, “The Great Unifier? Promoting State-Sponsored War Narratives in Kalmykia” was published in the book Figurationen des Ostens: Zwischen Literatur, Philosophie und Politik. Dr. McGlynn also published a report for the Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research (CHACR) on The Role of Historical Myth in Russia’s War on Ukraine.