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The French program equips students with the latest skill sets for professional careers in translation, interpretation, and localization management.

Intensive mentoring is a natural component of our program, made possible because the faculty are themselves active professionals who bring a broad range of experience to their teaching. Courses integrate theory and skillĀ building with content that covers different geographical regions, topics, and text types. Topics are representative of work in the field: legal, information technology, medical (with a focus on AIDS, malaria, and other issues impacting the developing world), engineering, and biotechnology (with a focus on agriculture, because of Francophone Africa).


Authentic practice opportunities are incorporated into course work. Translation assignments often simulate professional work performed by professors and sometimes consist of actual jobs for real clients. Interpretation classes include taking part in multilingual mock meetings as well as interpreting guest lectures and tours, such as at the local hospital and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Our graduates work for a range of international organizations, from the UN and EU to the African Union, World Intellectual Property Organization, and WHO. Others work at government entities like consulates and the U.S. Department of State; global companies such as Google and Cisco; language services companies; and NGOs like the microfinance provider Kiva. Many thrive as freelancers.