The Design, Partnering, Management, and Innovation Practicum (DPMI Plus) is a three- to nine-month professional internship that allows you to apply your DPMI skills in the field.

Two men holding nets on a beach releasing a sea lion into the ocean
Andres Schrier (IEP ‘19) works with WildAid in the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador doing marine conservation. (Credit: Andres Schrier )

This internship fulfills the practicum requirement within the International Policy and Development, MPA, International Education Management, and International Environmental Policy degrees. Deliverables involve the application of DPMI and MPA tools, frameworks, and concepts. An explanatory narrative should clearly explain how each deliverable relates to the DPMI curriculum (i.e., which specific tools, concepts, or frameworks are being applied).

Students also create a case study that examines some DPMI-related issues confronting the organization in which they are working. These issues may include project design, project monitoring, training, stakeholder participation, strategic partnering, social entrepreneurship, and innovation.

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Positions can be paid or unpaid and must be a minimum of 11 weeks at an organization in the student’s field of interest. Students can only serve at organizations with at least 3 full-time, paid staff members. Please contact Carolyn Taylor Meyer to find out more about program requirements.

Preferred Organizations

Peacock Acres, Salinas

United Way, various locations

UN Women, various locations

UNICEF, various organizations

Accion, New York

Mercy Corps, various locations

Winrock, various locations

Interest Form

Students confirm they are completing DPMI Plus by registering for the course in Banner. In order for the DPMI Plus faculty and staff team to start working with you in advance of the registration process, please indicate your interest in DPMI Plus through this form.  Please contact Carolyn Taylor Meyer with any questions.