Tsuneo Akaha


Email: takaha@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3564
Office: Casa Fuente Building CF300J

William Arrocha

Associate Professor

Email: warrocha@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4163
Office: Casa Fuente 300E

Mahabat Baimyrzaeva

Associate Professor

Email: mbaimyrz@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4134
Office: Casa Fuente Building 443D

Jan Knippers Black

Professor Emerita

Email: jblack@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4180
Office: McCone Building M117

Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Institute

Email: jdaytonjohnson@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4647
Office: Segal Building

Fernando DePaolis

Dean, Graduate School of International Policy and Management

Email: fdepaolis@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3568
Office: McCone Building M113

Kent Glenzer

Associate Professor

Email: kglenzer@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4149
Office: McCone Building M114

Pushpa Iyer

Associate Professor; Director, Center for Conflict Studies; Chief Diversity Officer

Email: piyer@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-7104
Office: McCone Building M124D

Nükhet Kardam

Professor Emerita

Email: nkardam@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4147
Office: 400 Pacific Street, D208

Beryl Levinger

Distinguished Professor; Program Chair, International Policy and Development; Master of Public Administration

Email: blevinger@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6640
Office: McCone Building M212

Wei Liang

Professor; Program Co-chair, International Trade and Economic Diplomacy

Email: wliang@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4142
Office: McCone Building M116

Robert McCleery


Email: rmccleer@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4146
Office: McCone Building M112

Phil Murphy

Associate Professor

Email: pjmurphy@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4600
Office: McCone Building M224

Alfredo Ortiz

Adjunct Faculty

Email: aortiz@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4675
Office: McCone Building 320B

Moyara Ruehsen

Associate Professor

Email: mruehsen@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4145
Office: McCone Building M213

Anne Campbell

Assistant Professor; Program Coordinator, Joint MPA/International Education Management

Email: accampbell@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6502
Office: Casa Fuente Building CF300A

David Wick

Assistant Professor

Email: dwick@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4176
Office: Casa Fuente Building CF300G

Thomas Roe

Adjunct Faculty

Email: troe@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4155
Office: McCone Building

Jill Stoffers

Senior Director of Institutional Partnerships

Email: jstoffer@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6571
Office: 400 Pacific Street E100

Christopher McShane

Visiting Professor

Email: cmcshane@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6683
Office: McGowan Building 320C

Katherine Punteney

Associate Professor; Program Chair, International Education Management

Email: kpunteney@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4625
Office: Casa Fuente Building CF300F

Christopher Johnstone

Adjunct Faculty

Email: cjjohnstone2@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4155
Office: McCone Building