Academic Search Elite
Search for magazine and journal articles on a broad range of topics. Many of the articles are full text.

China Academic Journals
This huge collection of Chinese journals includes a package of education journals.

Chronicle of Higher Education
Our premium subscription includes full access to articles from the Chronicle, data and statistics from the almanac and job search tools.

Education Full Text
Search magazines and journals in the field of education. A high percentage of articles are available in full text.

ERIC searches educational journals, documents, and grey literature.

We provide access to several JSTOR packages of archival journals.

OECD iLibrary
The iLibrary provides access to books, journals and statistical publications of the OECD. The organization publishes extensively in the field of education.

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online
This package of dictionaries includes bilingual Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

ProQuest Central
Search for magazine, journal and newspaper articles on a broad range of topics. Many of the articles are full text.

Sage Premier Journals
A collection of over 1,000 academic journals in the fields of education, management, political science, psychology, social sciences, medicine and science.

Statista is a statistics portal that provides data from a wide variety of sources on a wide range of topics. Tables, charts, and graphs may be downloaded in the standard formats.

Taylor & Francis eBooks
This package of eBooks includes titles on a wide range of subjects published by Routledge, CRC Press and other publishers in the Taylor & Francis group.

Taylor & Francis Online Journals
Access over 1000 journals in the social sciences with full text coverage dating from 1997.

World Bank Open Knowledge Repository
All current and recent World Bank publications are available here in PDF format.