Academic Search Elite
Search for magazine and journal articles on a broad range of topics.  Many of the articles are full text.

The Chicago Manual of Style Online
Find recommendations on editorial style and publishing as well as Q&A and examples for citing sources.

China Academic Journals
Access to hundreds of Chinese academic journals from CNKI. Our packages include literature/history/philosophy, politics/military affairs/law, education/social sciences, and economics/management.

CIAO: Columbia International Affairs Online
Contains full text of working papers from university research institutes, occasional papers series, and conference proceedings in the field of international affairs.

Digital National Security Archive
This collection of declassified documents from the National Security Archive contains full text of documents dating from 1945.

The Diplomat
An online magazine with focus on the Asia-Pacific Region.

Encyclopedia of Insurgency and Counterinsurgency

Encyclopedia of Military Science

Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
Contains tables of data and current international recommendations of nomenclature, symbols, and units for the physical sciences, biology, geology, and environmental science.

Homeland Security Digital Library
Links to U.S. government documents, Naval Postgraduate School research papers, and news stories.

We provide access to several JSTOR packages of archival journals.

JSTOR  Security Studies
Explore a wide range of journals, ebooks, and research reports in the field of security studies. This content looks at security studies through a broad lens, encompassing research on international security and peace and conflict studies from all corners of the globe.

Nexis Uni
Formerly LexisNexis Academic, Nexis Uni is a good source for news, business and legal research. Sources included newspapers and magazines, newswires, web publications, company reports, industry and trade publications, law journals, and federal and state regulations and case law.

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online
This package of dictionaries includes bilingual Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

PressReader gives you immediate access to over 4,000 newspaper and magazines from 100 countries in 60 languages.

ProQuest Central
Search for magazine, journal and newspaper articles on a broad range of topics. Many of the articles are full text.

Sage Premier Journals
A collection of over 1,000 academic journals in the fields of education, management, political science, psychology, social sciences, medicine and science.

Sage Research Methods
A package of books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, journal articles, and videos with a focus on research methodology.

A package of full text electronic journals from Elsevier with archive dating from 2008.

SIPRI Yearbook Online
Published annually, SIPRI Yearbook tracks conflict, armaments, arms control and disarmament. This platform includes yearbooks dating from 2010.

Statista is a statistics portal that provides data from a wide variety of sources on a wide range of topics. Tables, charts, and graphs may be downloaded in the standard formats.

Taylor & Francis eBooks
This package of eBooks includes titles on a wide range of subjects published by Routledge, CRC Press and other publishers in the Taylor & Francis group.

Taylor & Francis Online Journals
Access over 1000 journals in the social sciences with full text coverage dating from 1997.

Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social and Political Movements
Published in 2013, this encyclopedia is global in scope.