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十四城记=24 City, HN733.5.E774 2010

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, N6349.A5A4 2012

Beijing Taxi, DS795.9.T16B455 2010

Bringing King to China, JC599.C6B75 2011

China: a Century of Revolution, DS774.C4413 2007

China Blue, HD6073.C62C45 2005

China From the Inside, DS779.2.C4485 2006

China Inside Out, JZ1734.C4563 2008

China: the Rebirth of an Empire, DS777.55.C4473 2011

China's Three Gorges Dam: a Flood of Controversy, TC558.C52C45 2008

Fire Under the Snow, BQ978.A45F574 2008

Last Train Home. HD5856.C6L378 2011

Manufactured Landscapes, HC427.92.M358 2007

Nanking, DS777.5314.N36 2008

On the Frontlines: Doing Business in China, HD2910.O6 2009

Please Vote for Me, HQ784.P5P54 2007

Die Salzmänner von Tibet = The Salt Men of Tibet, DS786.S25 2002

Shanghai Ghetto, DS135.C5S53 2004

State of Control, Z658.C6S738 2016

The Sun Behind the Clouds: Tibet's Struggle for Freedom, DS786.S86 2010

Up the Yangtze, DS793.Y3U7 2008