ATTRA: National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
A research website managed by the National Center for Appropriate Technology. Includes full text documents on water management, pest management, organic farming and energy and agriculture.

EPA: Agriculture: Organic Farming
Information on national organic standards and regulations, integrated pest management and pollution prevention.

FAO Plant Production and Protection
A division of the Food and Agriculture Organization. Full text of the International Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides and other documents on the management of pesticides.

International Federation or Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
An international organization with organizational membership from over 100 countries. IFOAM promotes the development of organic agriculture and its markets.

OECD: Agricultural Pesticides and Biocides
Statistics, documents and country information for OECD member nations.

Organic Farming (European Union)
Information from the EU's website Europa includes regulations and data.

A website created by Stiftung Oekologie & Landbau and funded by the European Union. Profiles of countries in the European Union, European Free Trade Area as well as the six accession countries to the EU.

Organic Farming Research and Information
Based at U.C. Davis. This site hosts project information and links to publications and statistics on organic agriculture in California.

Organic Farming Research Foundation
An education and outreach organization. Many of OFRF's reports and publications are available for download.

Pesticide Action Network International
Links to the regional centers of the network.

Pesticide Action Network North America
A nonprofit devoted to the replacement of pesticides with environmentally sound alternatives. Their website provides access to the PAN database which gives information for pesticides used in California.

Shaping the Future of Food Security and Agriculture
The World Economic Forum's System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Food Security and Agriculture is the umbrella for initiatives like Grow Africa, Grow Asia, and New Vision for Agriculture. Reports are available for download.

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
A grants and education program based at USDA. Books and fact sheets are available for download.

World Health Organization: Pesticides
News and projects of WHO.